Just Like Any Other Family

The Obamas head off to their annual vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. But they insist it’s a working vacation. Too bad for the drone victims!

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  • “… doesn’t even got….”?
    Come on, Ted – give the kid a break. 😉

  • No one gets a break here.

  • Well, if you *must* go there:
    “… don’t even got….”! 😀

  • Nice, but maybe could have oriented the dock the other way with Obama at upper *left* so his caption read first.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 15, 2013 10:46 PM


    Think about it though. Obama rarely speaks first. He waits until he has a sense of whether the issue is dying down, then he comes up with the necessary, placating words. If you talk first, you’d have to make a decision on how you morally, personally and politically felt on the issue.

    Look at Bradley Manning. Do you think they’ll be able to stretch the sentencing to Labor Day? Thursday or Friday before Labor Day. If you’re looking to bury a body, that’s the day the press won’t give two shits. Not that they’re particularly worked up right this moment. After all, it’s not like the goverment’s coming for the journalists. Or the trade unionists. Hang on, I hear a low whistling sound that keeps getting louder, like someone’s sicced a drone on me. …

  • Yeah, alex,but in this cartoon his family is responding to him.

  • Obama is very similar to what Mr. Fish and Ted have said about him. He just wants to show that a black president can be just as full of shit like the last guy, and never wants to fight about or directly confront anything. He lets everything wash over him, but can probably make a good meatloaf. In other, words, a simple loser. The only problem is that this loser is our president. This is what you get with the 2-party system we have. No real choice except voting against the less acceptable choice. The Corporations and Big Money keep on controlling everything while the legislature chases its tail. Want real change? Stop being a Democrat or Republican. Stop letting PACs giving money to assholes. Stop “being” for something instead of working towards real change. Stop talking about change and actually do something. Stop being a pundit and start being a person.

  • Business before pleasure – the fate of the world rests heavily on the shoulders of the US president and even family dinners must alas wait upon the need to kill still more people in Asia or Africa or wherever the interests of the empire are at stake. Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown….


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