Joe Biden’s Campaign Strategy

Joe Biden has clear signs of dementia. But his handlers can’t let us see that. How will they get him to Election Day?

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  • alex_the_tired
    April 29, 2020 7:56 AM

    Is Panel 3’s high-grade organic artisanal word salad legit?
    Has anyone tried graphing the progression of Biden’s fumblage? You know, from, a leaf of lettuce here and there X number of years ago to full-buffet salad bar with four types of croutons and your choice of at-table dressings today?

  • The VP selection is going to make or break his campaign. Prior to the Convention, he can avoid any debates due to the focus on Covid . At the convention, he needs to announce a running mate that excites the media. If the media can be kept distracted for a few months, he could make it to the elections without any close public scurrility.

    Also it wouldn’t hurt his campaign if he selected someone that held some appeal for the party progressives.

    • alex_the_tired
      April 29, 2020 9:01 AM

      I think the New York Board of Elections (aka the puppets of the dnc) canceling the primary was the Rubicon for the Biden campaign either unifying the party or electrifying the party.
      The deceptions are simply too cynically out in the open; the party isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. By June 28, when New York’s primary was scheduled for, we will almost certainly not be in lockdown anymore. The message is clear: Bernie must not sweep New York at the end or turn in a strong showing because it will look bad for Joe, um, Biden.
      Eight years of Reagan (check). Eight years of Cheney (check). Eight years of Trump (check). What could possibly top those three?

      • To Alex,

        What was fundamentally different from Reagan, (Bush I), Cheney (i.e. BushII) and His Hairness (aka “Trump”) among the intervening eight years of Clinton(s) and eight years of Obumma whose VP was the very same JR(h,wygwtlD™***) Biden, of whom we speak, a bit more coherent but same political “putridity”?
        *** translation available on request or suggest your own to fit

  • It’s fairly obvious from the comments supporting Biden that no one is voting FOR him, they’re all voting AGAINST Trump.
    Biden hasn’t promised much of anything. Keep the ACA which gives Americans Healthcare for All (only it doesn’t), and that’s about it.
    I agree with those who say Trump is terrible, but that doesn’t mean he’s the worst, it’s easily possible to be much, much worse. And with Joe, we have no idea who’ll really be running things or where they’ll be going. But probably nowhere good (I figure Clinton, Bush, Jr and Obama did much more damage than Trump).

  • Well, Ted, one has to work with what one has – and when one doesn’t have much….

    On the other hand, they could have picked a different candidate – but the person who came in question represented far too great a threat to certain vested interests….

    So it goes….


  • alex_the_tired
    April 30, 2020 6:31 AM


    “[D]oesn’t have much” is one thing. But have you looked at Biden? He’s the dead cat after the bounce. I don’t know who his veep is gonna be, but unless she has the power of resurrection, get used to saying “two-term president Donald Trump.” (And never, ever forget: it’s all Hillary Clinton’s fault.)

    • I’m not sure that «resurrection» is in the offing, Alex, but I understand that a new Chinese anti-Alzheimer drug has recently received FDA permission for US trials. Perhaps dear Joseph Robinette could be enrolled ?… 😉


      • alex_the_tired
        April 30, 2020 9:16 PM

        Does it come in suppository formulation?

      • «Does it come in suppository formulation?» *That doesn’t seem to be the case, Alex. I interpret the information contained on the package shown in the illustration accompanying this SCMP article as saying 150 mg (i e, of active substance) per «granule (粒)», 14 granules per «plate (板)», and 3 plates per «box (盒)». The term «granule» leaves me a bit bemused ; I should have expected «pill (丸)», but nothing indicates a suppository (栓剂 or 塞剂) formulation, so I presume it is to be taken orally….

        (I was a bit disappointed, as I had hoped that for Mr Biden’s convenience, he would be able to include this new preparation in the injection of disinfectant that, on the recommendation of his good friend, Professor Trump, he is taking to ward off Covid-19, but one one can’t have everything….)


        PS : Actually, after the sawing that the Chinese trials of this preparation received on this AAAS blog back in November last year, I was quite surprised to see that the FDA gave permission to proceed directly to phase 3 trials in the United States, but perhaps better information has been forthcoming in the meantime ?…

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