Joe Biden, Empathizer in Chief!

During his campaign Joe Biden made an implicit promise that he would be more empathetic and caring than his predecessor. Will that mean anything substantial? Not really.

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  • Right out of the WJ Clinton “How to Abuse Americans for Corporate Favor” book: “We feel your pain, much of which we may have caused but, in any case, about which we intend to DO nothing … except, of course, increase it, in an effort to break domestic savagery records of previous administrations.”

  • alex_the_tired
    March 5, 2021 6:37 AM

    I ran into a story the other day about a kid in Baltimore who is something like 62nd in a class of 120, with a GPA of 0.13. (Waytago, Baltimore!) Zero. Point. Thirteen. In over three years of courses, he’s passed three courses. How does this tie in?
    A lot of people blame the school. A lot of people blame the mother. A few people blame the student. The truth, of course, is that everyone involved dropped the ball. The kid was absent or late 270 times in three years. The mother, apparently, is unable to read and comprehend a school report card? The school simply kept advancing him? The administrators simply let this happen without forcing a conference?
    We got Bill Clinton, who shafted everyone who wasn’t his owner. Barack Obama repeated the pattern. He screwed Main Street so hard it was still bleeding rectally when Donald Trump waltzed on in and pulled the … exact … same … gimmick. Trump, in fact, beat out the odds-on favorite specifically because she was terrible at pretending to care.
    Seems like we’ve been following the Baltimore model for decades now: everyone has one job to perform, and just about no one is doing it correctly. The whole system’s in shambles, and the few of us who see it are ignored or threatened when we point it out.

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