Joe Biden Brings on the Dignity

The departure of Donald Trump removed a leader for whom dignity was a low priority to say the least. But no one’s talking about the embarrassment of having an incoming President of United States who is physically and mentally feeble.

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  • alex_the_tired
    January 20, 2021 6:24 AM

    Dignity? Oh forget that. When did we have dignity? When, as you mentioned just the other post, when Reagan was code-talking about black Welfare queens in Cadillacs while “bucks” were buying steaks with food stamps? Or Bill Clinton (Mr. Boxers or Briefs)? Vice President Dubya and his Free Speech Zones? Obama racing on his knees to do Wall Street’s bidding? They all had just as much dignity as the prostitute on the street corner telling the john, “I ain’t doing THAT! At least not for what you’re willing to pay.”

  • Is the (admittedly impressive) distance JB can launch a projectile poop (on the window between the US and Chamber of Commerce|?| flags) to be used as evidence that Joe is NOT feeble?


    Coup Coup Katchoo.

    The familiar street refrain of “This is what democracy looks like” could have been chanted in protest in front of the US Capitol, or equally, in support of its invasion on Jan 6, 2021.

    The Capitol invasion looked very similar to the US installations of “democracy” in Iran, Iraq, Chile, Venezuela, etc.

    It’s always confusing when one word is used to describe two different things, one voicing an opposition by the left in the street to be hit with tear gas, and the other an active insurrection by the right, though usually occurring in the capitols of other nations’ being “liberated” by the US.

  • Ted, I agree that Biden is feeble and could be showing signs of dementia. But when I see him stumble while speaking, I see someone with their own technique for overcoming a stutter, not dementia.

  • If you believe the allegations that Trump was an Adderall addict, then he was the one with adult diapers.

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