Jeb Bush is a Devout Catholic

You may be surprised to learn that Jeb Bush is Roman Catholic. What’s even more surprising is that the media calls him devout, considering his enthusiastic support for capital punishment, preemptive war, and screwing over poor people.

5 thoughts on “Jeb Bush is a Devout Catholic

  1. Well, at least J.E.B. won’t have to satisfy public doubts about his independence from the pope, like Kennedy did, having amply demonstrated this by his satanic disregard for Christian dogma.

    No need to ask, “What would Jeb-us do?”

    • Of course, Hitler was a Catholic, so dogma carries only so far.

      Just like R and D party platforms. Just sweet enough to get their foot in the door, then all hell breaks loose.

  2. Oh really?!?

    This certainly makes Jebbie the Hutt© eminently qualified to direct our foreign policy of Crusades II and Inquisition II and our domestic policy of proud and eager return to the Dark Ages.

    But, while Catholicism is “Christian,” there would be a real Thirty Years War II to determine who is the “real” chosen tribe among the American theocracy thugs.

  3. Catholic politicians who select which stands of the catholic church they support and try to implement as public policy and law is nothing new, and Catholics on both ends of the political spectrum are guilty.
    And the church’s leadership is as guilty as any politician for selective enforcement and rhetoric. For the past 40 years the emphasis has been on abortion and anti communist/anti socialist rhetoric, both emphases that it is difficult to find direct references to in the gospel. Other issues such as the death penalty, social justice, care for the poor, criticism of the wealthy were pushed to the margins of the agendas of the majority of church leaders. The difference today is that for the first time in at least a generation there is a Pope who emphasizes what the Gospel has to say and is marginalizing (but not throwing out) the other stuff. It’s the same hymnal, but the music director is pushing for different selection of music.

  4. Mr Bush is no doubt «devoutly» interested in becoming US president. Sibling rivalries, like competition with the father, are a bitch…. 😉


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