It’s Not How Long It Takes, It’s How Big It Is

Progressives and centrist Democrats often seem to be speaking different languages. Currently centrists are defending Joe Biden by pointing out that fixing the mess left by Donald Trump will take time. But that’s not something progressives disagree with. They are complaint is that Biden isn’t ambitious enough.

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  • alex_the_tired
    February 12, 2021 7:08 AM

    This brought an actual smile to my face. I also smile (but in a different way) to think of Congress trying to solve the upcoming problems of pandemic vaccine, long-term unemployment, housing market implosion, student loans, mass evictions, credit rating destruction, and (a cherry on the sundae) the psychological trauma that will come to millions as a result of all of that.
    Congress was designed in the 18th century. Mostly by farmers. Who owned slaves. Other than the risk of an epidemic or the occasional trouble getting credit for seeds or some such, none of this stuff COULD HAVE existed in those days. Congress is not designed to make the necessary hard choices (UBI, total student loan forgiveness, tax the hyperwealthy at a 99% rate, so the guy with 100 billion is left destitute with only a billion, make businesses pay taxes, etc.). It’s like measuring a porn star’s dick a millimeter at a time. It’s just not how you do things.
    It ought to be a hell of a ride this summer, watching everything fall apart while Nancy Pelosi’s cadaver acts like she’s got everything under control.

  • Now, really, what’s the hurry? Biden’s been at this for almost 50 years. He’s the oldest person to have assumed the presidency. He may be a bit feeble he’s still vigorously pushing the “Russian meddling in US democracy” hallucination. His VP is pleasantly glib and as CA Attorney General protected a white collar criminal so vile that Trump could’t help but appoint him Sec. of the Treasury.

    The only question remaining: is Sen. McTurtle as good a friend of Biden as Biden, himself, was of Sanders?

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