It Might Be Low P

Pundits are opining that, if Congress rejects Obama’s request for a resolution authorizing the use of military force against Syria, he could become an impotent president, unable to pass legislation on other issues. All this testosterone-filled rhetoric prompts a question: Could it be Low P?

8 thoughts on “It Might Be Low P

  1. Obama, the George Zimmerman of the world, just doesn’t want to be laughed at.

    I once knew a little guy who was always called a sissy and was laughed at even when he pulled out a gun to make the torment stop. He was finally provoked into killing a girl and then persuaded to turn himself in to the police, who didn’t take him seriously either, until, with some great detective work, they found a court appearance slip in the dead girl’s pocket with his name on it.

    Maybe if we all act very afraid Obama won’t have to prove his manhood like little Tony did by killing some more innocents.

  2. If Congress doesn’t authorize the use of force, Obama would be the first president to be denied authorization for military action. We all know why…it’s not because this is any less valid than any other situation…it’s because he’s black. Americans actually don’t care if the US bombs other countries…they just don’t want the black man to succeed.

  3. I wonder if Obama, at the G20 meeting, asked to Putin to float the proposal for Syria to surrender its chemical weapons and sign the CWC — just to avoid the congressional vote he was going to lose.

  4. Delightfully entertaining! You guys, Ted’s showing off AGAIN!

    These banner ads keep telling me Obama wants me to support Cory Booker for Senate because he’ll fix everything. And that I should show my support for Hillary for prez…they seem to be barking up the wrong tree here.

  5. Actually, the US Constitution does provide for that in Article I, Section 8, which gives the Congress the power to declare War. That this power has not been exercised since 5 June 1942, despite the US engaging in interminable wars (yclept military actions or some such) abroad ever since the end of WW II, shows the respect with which that document – and the UNO Charter (see Chapters VI and VII), which after all, by that same constitution (Article VI) is the «supreme Law of the Land» is held in Washington….


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