Correlation Does Not Equal Causation, Even in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his supporters keep repeating the talking point that all of the civilian casualties in Gaza should be blamed upon Hamas because Hamas begin the latest conflict with his attack on October 7. By their logic, literally anything that they chose to do after October 7 would be justifiable.

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  • I don’t suppose Netanyahu, nor any of his supporters, explained how Hamas is in no small part a creation of the state of Israel that was instrumental in its creation … in an attempt to challenge the then dominant Palestinian leadership. So, in this sadistic blame game, as everywhere else, causation IS causation as the intent of Israel/Netanyahu has always been the genocide of Palestinians.

    See, for example, ” ‘Divide and Rule’: How Israel Helped Start Hamas to Weaken Palestinian Hopes for Statehood.”

  • Another flaw in Netanyahu’s logic is that the world didn’t begin on October 7, 2023. Netanyahu’s excuse after October 7 is grimly similar to Sinwar’s excuse on October 7 … that the atrocities that happened beforehand justify what they do. The short answer is that both Sinwar and Netanyahu have every right to want better for the people that they represent but, in both cases, their approach is far inferior to a two-state solution.

  • I couldn’t agree more, as every visitor of this site knows, everything is actually Americas fault

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