ISIS is Hiring

Silicon Valley has added zero net new jobs in 16 years, and many of the old jobs pay poorly. ISIS, on the other hand, is hiring.

15 thoughts on “ISIS is Hiring

  1. hmmm, lessee now … European Christians have been making war on Islam for nearly a thousand years. The US stepped it up by a few orders of magnitude.

    Nope, didn’t see this one coming.

    (The ‘past 16 years’ includes tech bubble bursting in 2000 and that the worst economy since the Great Depression. Nationally, 8.8 million jobs have been lost since 2007. Zero job loss in silicon valley ain’t a bad track record at all.)

    • Well, we had a great beginning in Iran, that is until the global corporate bossman decided that them Persian-brand ragheads shouldn’t have any right to control and principally profit from the petroleum under their own nation.

      Contracted out, the CIA arranges for the murder of Persia-land’s democratically elected government and installs a pseudo-imperial dictator. Change some details, a new location, and that is the story of the entire Middle-East. Oh yeah, and also, relocate a bunch of Caucasian/Khazar Zio-Joozes in the Fertile Crescent mix where they’re currently committing grand, Christianite/Zionist Genocide against the indigenous Muslim and more orthodox Christian populations and you’ve got the makings of a SPECTACULARLY STUPID GLOBAL WAR.

      Meanwhile, mix in a whole lot of Western consumerism, great dollups of regional stupidity, and an ever-expanding global corporate hegemon, and you have what we have today, the genisis of a massive global die-back for humankind.


      • Yeppers, it’s much easier to deal with a single Shah than a whole bunch of They The People. Cheaper, too.

        Easier and cheaper to make one man a multimillionaire than it is to share the wealth amongst the 99% … damn, but that sounds familiar.

  2. Could someone please post the source of the data on Silicon Valley jobs? Searching for “Silicon Valley Jobs” gets a lot of recruiter posts, but not much news.

  3. The US is scared? You mean annoyed?

    Looks like ISIS is horning in on the “economic draft” so cynically employed by the US military.

    If you are young, black and Muslim you probably have a better chance of survival by dodging drone missiles in the Middle East than by walking the streets of any US city.

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