Investigating the Investigators

Special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Trump. So Trump is investigating Mueller. Can we play turnaround with law enforcement too?

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  1. «Can we play turnaround with law enforcement too?» Before you start to play, Ted, it might be wise to reflect over the fact that they are armed and dangerous….


  2. TRUE STORY! (also on topic ;-))

    Back in the days of the double nickel law, I crossed the CA border on my motorcycle around midnight. I was cruising at a nice, steady 70 MPH. I came up behind a car that was doing around 65, was going to pass when I noticed the lights on top. Okay, I’ll match his speed – he can’t bust me for that, right?

    He sped up. I matched him. When we hit 80, I was starting to wonder what was up – then he pulled into a rest area. I said, “ha-ha, piggy go potty.” Oh, hell no, he did a batturn and had the radar on me lickety split. I left a fair amount of rubber on the road and he didn’t come after me – I assume that means I foiled his evil scheme. I did ride the rest of the way to LA at 55 though.

  3. Rod Wheeler—is claiming Fox knowingly attributed false quotes to him (aka, told lies about him) to support a political position with a false news story (aka, also a lie) in support of Trump.

    And so, what Rod Wheeler is asking for is compensation for having been defamed by Fox News because of those invented quotations, which have been retracted by Fox and which Fox admits are lies about him, but are still there in his name, and he never said them.

    I wonder if Fox News going to use an anti-Slapp motion (if available where the suit is filed) in an attempt to silence Rod Wheeler as is the LA Times practice? Or is Fox News suffering because of their being more honest than the LA Times in admitting their deceptions or just recognizing their deceptions will not stand in the face of evidence?

    It would certainly be nice to see the characters at the LA Times deposed.

    • I wondered the same thing about Wheeler. Many states have this absurd anti-SLAPP law so it’s entirely possible that he will have to deal with this and possibly even have to pay off Fox News at some point. Gross.

  4. It seems only fair that as persons with equal citizen status, that if the police get a week to corroborate their statements, that arrestees should be afforded the same right.

  5. I’ve seen some recent stories on the Internet that cops will not ticket other cops who are speeding (for no reason), out of professional courtesy or some such shit. One was in Little Rock, I believe.

    But it’s probably just more fake news.

      • Mein verehrter Lehrer, may I inquire if you considered posting a response to the article ?…


      • @ mhenriday –

        I didn’t give it even the slightest consideration, because of personal experience:

        Years ago, my wife and I were driving on IH-630 through downtown Little Rock when a LR patrol car blew past us at an excessive rate of speed. We took note of the information on the rear of the vehicle (license plate included) and filed an official complaint with the authorities. The complaint went nowhere; supposedly the officer was responding to an emergency call. (Mind you, no emergency lights or siren were engaged.)

        So I deduced that the rules of the road that are applied to normal citizens do not apply to cops. Lesson learned.

      • «Lesson learned.» Good to see, mein verehrter Lehrer, that you don’t share that masochistic tendency to beat your head against the wall, that so may of us posters here – not least your humble interlocutor – possess to an unfortunately high degree…. 😉


      • @ mhenriday –

        One has to take into consideration one’s chances of success. Why should I waste my time?

        Cops versus cops is a non-entity.

    • There’s all sorts of shenanigans that are analogous to that. For example, here in the New York metro area where I live, there are so-called “courtesy cards” that cops give out to their friends and relatives. They are kind of like “get out of jail” cards. If you get pulled over for speeding ticket or whatever, you leave it in your wallet, the cop takes it out, and you are on your way.

      • Hehe, in Russia – that beacon of freedom, shining city on a hill etc. – such traffic apartheid reportedly was the one thing that really shook the power of the oligarchy-government to the core. Members of the ruling/political class would flaunt any traffic rule openly – speeding and cutting corners with their visible black foreign made limousines – and even get away with murder.

        The public – despite having been robbed blind in all other regards – apparently became so united in their anger at this that they had to finally crack down on this. Literally cutting in line ahead of people apparently has an immediate personal effect beyond that of much bigger more abstract robberies.

  6. Just dropped in for a moment – hoping to see if anything had gotten any better – apparently not – Ted, instead of resisting the continuing drop in IQ of the Internet Babel, you have joined it. For gosh sakes, Ted, yu may have to starting to bill yourself as Homer Rall – this cartoon really deserves a “D-oh!” or “Ha-Ha!”

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