Inflammatory Topics

In the terrorism trial of Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, government prosecutors asked the judge to ban “inflammatory subjects” such as Guantanamo, secret prisons, drones and the NSA.

8 thoughts on “Inflammatory Topics

  1. Also, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not be allowed to testify. Play that again for me? We’ve got a trial concerning 9/11, and we’ve got the guy who masterminded 9/11 … who might actually know something about the accused’s alleged participation in the post 9/11 festivities … Too bad we murdered UBL, he certainly could have filled in some of the missing information.

    Tell me again why we even bother with a trial? If it were possible for us to ruin our reputation even further, then a public sham trial would certainly do it.

  2. Perhaps the inflammatory topic of brothers-in-law – indeed, the whole vexed topic of in-laws and other relatives in general – should also be banned ? Keep out sex, drugs, and alcohol as well, and the objective of making sure the trial will not be covered should be within reach….


  3. Of course – normal modus operandi for our government – just like they conveniently forget the many invasions and occupations the US has done over the years for false pretexts and ulterior motives when they declared Russia’s invasion of Crimea to be illegal. To bad Khrushchev lost it in a poker game to Ukraine during his term in office! :^)

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