In the Future Every President Will Be Impeached over Drivel

After Democrats impeach President Trump on a relatively narrow charge of trying to influence Ukraine by withholding military aid and requesting that that country investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, it seems pretty clear that big issues will no longer be on the table and that impeachment will become a routine matter.

5 thoughts on “In the Future Every President Will Be Impeached over Drivel

  1. Please, Ted, as a loyal user of the Oxford comma myself, I certainly don’t wish to be put in the same category as Elizabeth Ann Warren ! After all, unlike Ms Warren, I have never been a registered Republican…. 😉


  2. Impeachment is supposed to be like a Grand Jury. If the House finds probable cause that the president MIGHT have done something wrong, it should impeach and let the Senate do a thorough investigation. So impeachment probably hasn’t been done as often as it should have been (personally, I wish they had impeached every president who sent the troops off to fight an illegal war, but the Congress, like the White House, is fully owned by the military-industrial complex).

  3. Trumps actions are much bigger than Watergate. Do you think Nixon’s impeachment was drivel?

    The only real critique here in this line of reasoning is that the Ukraine stuff is less impeachable than the kids in detention, racism, regulatory giveaways to donors … the Domestic stuff is worse, why are they not including it?

    You rightly called out the fascism of Bush 2. Why not Trump, who is doing it moreso? Too popular a complaint and not edgy enough for ya, Ted?

    • Perhaps, bikerusi, you might want to do some research before excoriating Ted for not criticising Mr Trump for «Domestic stuff». His point is, and has been, precisely that the domestic stuff far outweighs whatever it was that happened in the Ukraine – both during and prior to the current administration….


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