If the Democrats Had Tried to Impeach Hitler, They Would Have Ignored the Big Stuff

There’s a lot of good reasons to impeach Donald Trump. Let’s start with the fact that he is an asshole. Rude, crude, socially unacceptable. Openly talks in racist language. Coddles Nazis. But in their impeachment inquiry Democrats are instead focusing on a very hard to follow narrative about his phone call to the president of Ukraine, in which he asked that country to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of vice president Joe Biden, and initially threatened to withhold military aid but then granted it. This is way too much like Iran Contra: who can follow the story even if it’s true?

5 thoughts on “If the Democrats Had Tried to Impeach Hitler, They Would Have Ignored the Big Stuff

  1. Let’s start with the fact that he [i e, Donald John Trump] is an asshole. Rude, crude, socially unacceptable. Openly talks in racist language. Coddles Nazis.

    But it’s hard to see that the above constitute the »high Crimes and Misdemeanors» for which US presidents – and, nota bene, vice presidents and all civil officers – can be removed from office. Better, I think, to concentrate on an issue like Bribery, i e, attempting to use the office to enrich oneself – for example, making it clear that those desiring «deals» with the US government do well to stay at a Trump hotel during negotiations – rather than, as more sophisticated individuals do, waiting until leaving office before, e g, hitting the extremely remunerative lecture and college graduation circuit or becoming a commentator on certain TV programmes (favourite, if I am not misinformed, of former military and «intelligence» professionals)….


  2. Why is coddling Nazis bad?
    I assume the problem is that the Nazis are racist, xenophobic sadists?
    Okay. Those are reasons. But the KKK was racist and xenophobic and pretty sadistic too, and for years politicians coddled them.
    And when it became “unacceptable” to coddle the KKK, the politicians shifted to Jim Crow and a whole bundle of racist and xenophobic policy positions like the Rockefeller drug laws and the prison-industrial system.
    And let’s not forget end-stage capitalism. Do you think the people up in the 1% range are shedding tears as they think of all the workers who get discarded every year to maximize stock portfolio performances and profit margins?
    At least when the Nazis finished with their victims, they finished their victims. Firing squad, gas chamber, however they killed you, they did kill you. Why? Their labor system required it. In our capitalist system they leave you alive when they’re done extracting all the value they can from you because in that way you become a drain on the other survivors and help to condition people to an ever-diminishing circle of opportunity and thus accelerate the transfer of wealth. By the time enough people are ready for the revolution it will be too late.
    The Nazis killed millions. How many will Jeff Bezos-style hong capitalism kill?

  3. While Trump has done many things for which he might be impeached and deposed (according to what I read) the fact that he is culturally unacceptable to mainstream urban liberals is not, in theory, one of them, and will certainly not convince 2/3 of the Senate to vote to convict and depose Mr. T. However, the impeachment project is important to the Democratic Party leadership because it distracts the rank and file from the class war issues raised by Sanders, Warren, Gabbard, and others. Therefore, the leadership would like to keep it going. Focusing on an arcane facet of Trump’s misbehavior ensures that the impeachment inquiry can be dragged out without accomplishing anything. The time wastage can be blamed on the Republicans. So it’s win-win-win all around.

  4. I can’t remember, but didn’t you do a cartoon that one mustn’t compare Bush, Jr to Hitler, because at least Hitler won the election with a plurality of the vote? (And several more reasons why Hitler was better.)
    In any case, the Democrats have promised themselves impeachment for a Christmas present.
    It’s a strange, strange world we live in, Master Ted. Every #NeverTrump sees that he’s guiltier than sin, while all the Trumpeters cannot see anything he’s done that is the slightest bit wrong.

  5. If Americans had memories longer than a mayfly’s they would remember that Democrats, when dissatisfied with the goings on in Ukraine in 2014, sent Victoria Nuland and crew in to replace their elected government.

    Poor stupid Trump would not have had to (possibly) threaten the US’s puppet government in Ukraine with withholding the same weapons that Obama withheld from them when it was his turn to play World Emperor.

    Trump could have just hinted that there was now a new US president, and with that, a new president’s son who will now need to find himself economically favored.

    And he could have delegated oppositional research on Biden’s son through a cut out, as both parties find covert operations to be perfectly normal and legal, while whistle blowing that causes embarrassment to be abhorrent and execution worthy.

    Where both parties are dirty they both become magically clean in each other’s eyes.

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