If You Can’t Join Them, Be Them

Democrats want to elect a candidate who is electable. But what exactly does their conception look like of a candidate who can take on Trump? Like Trump.

4 thoughts on “If You Can’t Join Them, Be Them

  1. Ted, wouldn’t : «it is my hono[u]r to accept the Democratic nomination for best president ever» be more in keeping with the candidate’s style ?… 😉


  2. The dem leadership stance reminds me very much of how the middle manager at an office behaves when talking about “core corporate values of respect, civility, and professionalism.” They know it’s bullshit, you know it’s bullshit, everyone knows it’s bullshit, but oh do they spend a lot of time and money pretending that they aren’t a bunch of cynical opportunists. Case in point: Hillary Clinton. Like she wouldn’t bomb a million brown children to be anointed Queen President while delivering a canned speech about the value and sanctity of life, and America’s commitment to respectfully respecting life in all respects, and can someone give her an update on the program to disperse coronavirus-tainted blankets in Syria?

  3. The _Onion_ had a joke story of this sort, in which the DNC was begging Trump to enter the Democratic presidential primaries and rescue them from Sanders.

    However, the word ‘centrist’ is incorrect. In the Democratic Party there are progressives, who want to change things somewhat, and conservatives, who want to keep everything the same, but there is no center.

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