If We Learn Geography, the Terrorists Win

Lots of coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, but the media can’t provide the context or analysis to give it meaning or relevance other than as a random act of cruelty and tragedy.

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  • My Dad/Dad’s is bigger than your Dad/Dad’s…


  • A select few mass murderers have support groups as large as the entire mass media.

    This is so unfair and uncompetitive to the lesser start-ups.

  • alex_the_tired
    April 28, 2013 9:29 PM

    One wonders where Sasha is. Still in denial or perhaps simply labeled “collateral damage” after she went out with a boy her father didn’t approve of. …

    Seriously, though, the children of the White House rarely speak about their parents, do they? And certainly not to agree that their fathers did monstrous acts. Of the post-Nixon presidents, have any of them ever said anything critical of their fathers?

  • My comment of 26 April was meant for the cartoon on Malia’s support group, which has been postdated to 1 May. Odd !…


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