If Fascists Are Efficient, Trump’s Bumbling Makes Us Safe

Worried about President Trump’s incipient fascism? Don’t fret – there’s no way this bunch of dysfunctional morons could possibly run things as efficiently as real fascists like Hitler and Mussolini!

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  • Even alt media Fox is having fun with the hapless Trump by feeding him Onion-worthy stories about Sweden, which he swallows and regurgitates whole before his worshipful ship of fools.

    Has this man no friend in the media at all? Who will save him from himself? Even Reagan and Bush had trustworthy allies to reign in their idiocy—as much as was possible—before the media and their adoring crowds.

  • Turns out Mussolini didn’t make the trains run on time. He just loudly said that he had, and people were afraid to contradict him. Sound familiar?

  • C’mon Ted, you should know he never made the trains run on time. He was fighting the Unions, which meant it was chaos, so he got blackshirts to run it for the media on a trivial show tour, and repeated it often enough, and it because a “fact” that British elites agreed with because it confirmed their prejudices about the Italian Character being only governable by a dictator.


  • Grownups know that Reality TV is about as real as professional wrestling. We also know that the very rich live in a completely different world than the rest of us – insulated from the harsh realities of life by their staffs who remove any obstacles before their wealthy patrons even notice them.

    Now imagine the poor widdle Trumpikins. In the world he comes from, the script can be changed if he doesn’t like the ending. Actions don’t have consequences (for him). If he lies to his staff, they nod their heads enthusiastically if they want to keep their jobs.

    He’s come face-to-face with reality for the first time in his life. He can’t make problems go away with money, people dare to question his worldview, and even worse they expect results above and beyond making a profit for Trumpikins.

    I’d feel sorry for him if I wasn’t so busy laughing at him.

  • Just in case Mr Trump & Co wish to know, in December 2016, 91.3 % of Swedish passenger trains and 80.9 % of freight trains arrived at their final destinations on time (within 5 minutes of the timetable). More detailed statistics can be found here…. 😉


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