How to Feel Lonely

In this politically polarized environment, Americans who dislike both major parties are excluded from the dialogue.

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  • “In this politically polarized environment” …
    Wait. In this one? It’s been lonely here forever. Two parties, both offering virtually indistinguishable candidates. When you pick a democrat, you get a compromising centrist who sells out your interests for what his owners in corporate America want. When you pick a Republican, you get someone who puts corporate America above all else. Sure, with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the loneliness is more obvious, but some of us know that it’s been a lot of lonely parties for a very long time.

  • And two-party dominance will continue until we have some form of ranked-choice voting in the general election. Let’s get there! And we should do away with primaries completely as they encourage folks to vote for the “most electable” candidate of their own party (or for the least electable candidate from the other party) rather than their favorite candidate.

  • Anti-“duopoly stranglehold & its attendant abuse” advocates are better able to identify who their friends should be and the inveterate hermits among them find it a boon, especially if they have been finding it difficult to exit gatherings after personal social-interaction limits have been reached.

  • Sympathetic views on Russia won’t win friends either

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