Pretty self-explanatory–to everyone except the ruling classes.

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  1. Hey Ted. I caught your interview on the Dutko Show in Detroit. Yes, at least one atheist/leftist was listening. I listen a lot and know how Bob operates. He springs obscure arguments on guests that don’t know much about him and can’t possibly prepare for the bizarre stuff he may offer. And he knows you can’t check on the spot. If you do go out and check and then call back to expose the fraudulent nature of his claims he won’t let you on the air. That’s my experience.

    Despite that you did great. It’s great to expose his audience to some alternative ways of thinking, especially with regards to capitalism. It’s funny that you said that Obama is not a leftist or a socialist because I called in to the Dutko show myself the preceding Friday and made the same point. You can listen to that call here if you are interested.

    Let me say something about the bogus claims Bob sprung on you in case you are curious. Bob told you that every formerly living that has been C14 dated has “plenty” of measurable C14 still present, which is unexpected of C14 dating is reliable. It should all be pretty much gone by 50K years. The reason is that it is being made in the atmosphere all the time and cannot be entirely eliminated in the laboratory. So if a specimen is older than 20,000 years it has less C14 than is present in the atmosphere, so you can’t tell how much is in the specimen. You could C14 date a piece of tin and your tools would still see some C14 because of the background radiation.

    Bob went on to say that dinosaur bones were radiometrically dated by University of Arizona and he has the documentation to prove it. This is typical Bob stuff. He probably has in mind something like what you see here (no need to read the whole thing, just keyword search “Arizona”). Did he provide you the sources like he said he would? If this is what he’s referring to, then you can get more of the background story here. In sum creationists on false pretenses provided samples to the University of Arizona for radiometric dating and the claim was that these were bones. Small amounts of contamination can radically effect these dating methods and these specimens were radically contaminated. All scientists involved are now in agreement that these dating results are meaningless for this reason. Additionally all indications are that the specimens were fossils, not bones. The creationists assert that these are bones, but there is no reason to think so.

    I do have the audio of your interview if you’d like. I don’t normally record Dutko, but I heard you were coming up and I wanted to listen, but couldn’t listen live, so I was able to get it. If you would like a copy let me know. The quality is not great. The streaming was pausing on me. But it’s all there.

  2. Yup. In The Book of J, Harold Bloom (reputable literary smartguy) traces one thread in the torah, identifying Yahweh as a fictional character in this critical examination .
    – – Route 395: Thanks for the clarification. I was feverishly trying to grok the Fed and the devaluating Greek dollar as metaphorical elements in the Bible somewhere.

  3. Ted, the ruling classes don’t need your enlightenment. You can’t speak truth to power because power doesn’t give a damn. . . that’s their power, the power to just ignore you and keep milking the social system for all they can get out of it. Besides, they already have the truth…THEIR truth.

    I’m getting a little tired of the Marxist dialectic…it’s the 21st century…why can’t you move on the Habermas? Oh yeah…that’s right….you come from the humanities.

  4. “Habermas”

    I accidentally read Horkheimer, Adorno et al for a week leading up to a final because I heard my teacher say “Frankfurt on mythology” when he had actually said “Frankfort on mythology”.
    (I still have the recording of him saying it, so he must have said it! I HAVE DIGITAL PROOF, damn it !)

    He took mercy on me because I synthesized critical theory on the issue of mythology pretty well (eg. the enlightenment mythology is more dangerous than the one it replaced because it is unquestionable.) and I got a C.

  5. Isn’t Habermas still a Marxist, Aggie? Anyways, it seems to me Ted has gone soft on the wars after he returned from Afghanistan. Hardly anything about it anymore, and now we get crap about “culture war”. Who cares what other people believe? That’s why I like Justin Raimondo and Eric Margolis better over the Middle East/Central Asia brouhaha.

  6. Bucephalus, I suggest you ask Jurgen yourself. Shoot him an email! See, it’s a no-win situation for me to respond. If I explain why he’s not, you’ll simply taunt me for being knowledgeable about the subject. If I don’t respond at all, you’ll assume you’re correct and taunt me for not responding. So instead, why don’t YOU explain to ME how one derives communicative rationality from the Marxian tradition…without referring first to Weber?

    Rall comes from the humanities, which are usually 50 years behind the social sciences and ACTIVE philosophers of any given time…except for that guy in American Studies at MSU doing his dissertation on the culture of fantasy football leagues….heh…and they wonder why the humanities continues to be underfunded…

  7. If we are going to suggest books worthy of basing one’s Weltanschauung upon, I can think of none better than Jaroslav Hašek’s Osudy dobrého vojáka Švejka za světové války (The adventures of the good soldier Švejk during the World War). Enjoy !…


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