How Dare Iran Renege on a Deal We Reneged On a Year Ago?

America’s brazen hypocrisy reached stunning new heights when the Trump Administration began threatening Iran with new sanctions and military action because it is scaling back its adherence to the Iran Nuclear Deal…the deal that Trump pulled the U.S. out of a year ago.

2 thoughts on “How Dare Iran Renege on a Deal We Reneged On a Year Ago?

  1. Quod licet Iovi non licet bovi….

    To arrogate to oneself the perogatives of the gods – or US «leaders» – (hubris) is always severely punished (nemesis)


  2. This has been the case already before the reign of the Donald, first of his name.

    War-mongers insinuate that Ira(q/n) is in breach of the NPT (non-proliferation treaty), [technically not the main treaty that most countries signed but extra addendums that Iran signed at one point] though UN experts disagree.

    But the NPT seems like a “horrible deal” – why would any non-nuclear power sign away the right to acquire nuclear weapons in the first place?

    A cursory look at the actual text of the NPT (a wonky move I know) reveals it is a quid pro quo: non-nuclear powers pledging not to develop nukes in exchange for the established nuclear powers / permanent security council members phasing out their arsenals.

    Newspapers report on page 2 that US officials claim that some developing country they dislike violates the NPT. The same newspapers report on the trillions of dollars/pounds earmarked for modernizing the US/UK’s nuclear weapons on page 17, they even state that the development of small yield “tactical” nukes is “controversial”.

    Yet they never put these two together: it would not do to make it obvious that it is “the West / the International Community / the Leader(s) of the Free World” who is actively undermining the survival of the human species: directly (by bankrupting themselves to keep option of blowing up the planet on a moment’s notice) and indirectly (by undermining the one successful accord that prevented proliferation so that everyone and their nephew can do so, too).

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