Highlights of the Biden Presidency

What will a Joe Biden presidency look like? We should probably assume that it will look a lot like his campaign: virtual, online, filed in remotely from his basement.

3 thoughts on “Highlights of the Biden Presidency

  1. I gotta agree with Henri. “Will” is a mighty optimistic word to use in a Biden description. Even with a female veep, it’s going to be a tough slog. Never forget the remarkable capacity of the democrat to lose a sure thing.
    And this isn’t even close to a sure thing.
    Trump should drop Pence, stick in former President Cheney’s daughter as veep. Then Trump can win re-election, catch coronavirus, and hand everything off the her before Jan. 20 due to “illness.” He’ll still attend. And the whole time, he’ll watch Hillary as some other woman gets sworn in as the first female president. A capstone acheivement in a lifetime spent taking petty revenges.

  2. I read the comments by the uninformed ‘Biden will be Great’ crowd: ‘He’s not in favour of war.’ He’s proved repeatedly that he’s all in favour of lots more wars, and not Trump’s Trade Wars, the shootin’ kind.
    But no one’s voting FOR Joe, everyone is voting FOR or AGAINST Trump.
    I figure one’s bad and one’s worse, but I can’t figure out which is which, so I ain’t votin’ for either of them.

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