Hey White People! Here’s How You Can Feel Like a Black Person Confronted by a White Cop

Polls show that white Americans don’t empathize with black kids who get shot by white cops, or with blacks who complain about abuse by police. Here’s a handy exercise clueless whites can use to walk a few seconds in black people’s shoes.

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  • Right on the mark, Ted – But while it happens more often to black people, it can still happen in the same way to white people – only less often. The fact remains that the police in most cities (not all) are out of control, just like much of the rest of our American Infrastructure – dismal, corrupt and getting worse. The answer does not lie in focusing on a single example, like that in Ferguson, but in instead, realizing that the entire system is corrupt – from the politicians to the pubic servants. :^) If we can’t hope to vote them out, and laws like Citizen’s United, then we have to weed them out – like you would do to a weed in a garden….

    • I don’t know what happened to delete my post, but here is what I wanted to say:
      Does anyone agree with me that it would be good legislation to require police officers to reside in the neighborhoods that they patrol so that they know their neighbors and are known by them? There was a time.

      • Since the police are militarized, I propose a military style draft from the community, with police draftees getting the same weapons and training to standards as the mercenaries.

        That should help facilitate the communication. It can’t be worse.

      • I’m old enough to remember when the policeman was your friend. I’d like to see a return to that.

  • It’s the militarization thing, every time a cop makes rank (the officer and NCO ranks are a bit more ambiguous) (s)he thinks (s)he is one more step up closer to the 1%. In reality, it has nothing with social rank beyond having a variably greater power to viciously fuck with everybody.

    Nowadays they are a trained oppressor-force against the nigger/white-trash, lower-classes. Unless you have the economic juice to live in your own, gated community with its own wannabe (somewhat, quasi) cop-force, you are pretty-much free-range economic and “stick-time” pickings for local jackboots to exploit.

    Pigsrus are mostly being educated as a “special-chosen” cadre beyond whatever cultural racism they were raised in. It’s not that they have only “one-color (blue/baby-shit brown)” that they are bigoted in favor of, it’s more complex than that. Surprisingly, they will also rape themselves occasionally.

    More than ever, the storm-troopers of America’s nationalized police forces are becoming a “wild-card,” to ultimately be survival-targeted first by America’s greater population of rapidly devolving middle-class as first-needing-to-be-eliminated, just because nowadays, whole forces allow way too many vicious murderers to co-exist among themselves.


  • Writing a ticket ? Ted, that’s so 20th century – the name of the game today is civil forfeiture, which delivers an o-so-much-greater cash flow. And think how it energises the troops, as a more profitable alternative to shooting their wad from a Sig Sauer, which generally doesn’t bring in much ready cash (although Darren Wilson is said to have received 400k USD from grateful citizens, after shooting his)….


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