Here’s to Military Families

Michelle Obama wants Hollywood to make movies about the hardships faced by military families. But her husband could stop or mitigate those hardships entirely.

4 thoughts on “Here’s to Military Families

  1. Reminds me of those tidbits on tv showing how the troops were rebuilding schools, hospitals, roads, sanitation facilities, etc. Gee…maybe IF YOU HADN’T BLOWN IT UP TO BEGIN WITH you wouldn’t have to rebuild it, huh?

    Same goes for helping the orphans. I have an idea. DON’T KILL THEIR PARENTS AND THERE WON’T BE ANY ORPHANS!


  2. WillGere, doncha know that the ‘rebuilding’ is fake, also? Mostly, it is overpriced contracts that are then subbed-out, subbed-out, etc. Then, a quick splash of paint, some photos and WALLAH! No books, no medical equipment, no steenkin’ nothin’!

    The Obama’s have been caught-up in the ‘mob mentality’ of Washington, DC. They go along with the ‘mob’ and forget all about what they are supposed to be doing.

  3. Who was talking about Republicans on this comment wall? I am confused Pythoncharly what relevance did Republicans have in the discussion of the current deaths occurring right now? The fact that you are mentioning Republicans tell me that you believe Ted is right but your team colors, errr I mean politics wont allow you to admit it… even when blindingly obvious. Have you noticed the only time troops leave war zones is when election years near? Strange how that works isn’t it.

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