Have Your Fake Cake and Eat It?

The FDA is poised to approve human food cultured from the cells of cattle, chicken and fish, and grown into artificial versions of those meals.

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  • This notion is the latest egregious revelation of the capitalist mindset demanding the indubitably, “logically” clever, if profoundly idiotic, extreme: “If it can be done physically (biologically) then it MUST be done.”

    This application, as with prior versions, is presented without analysis of real costs for infrastructure, energy and wastes (massively more than current methods, themselves wasteful “enough”) … said costs having to be multiplied by a hefty factor to ever hope to arrive at a “food product” able to pique/satisfy appetite, as opposed to inducing projectile vomiting.

    The “scrumptious cannibal casserole” IS, within the highly-questionable frame-work, sheer ingenuity … but it would certainly require a bit more than an “extra 20-minute wait” !!!

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