We’re Going to Need a Bigger Editor

Multiple intelligence agencies have previously concluded that no state actor including Russia had anything to do with “Havana syndrome.” In fact, the cost may have been a cricket. But now there’s an attempt to revive this old confusing story.

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  • What’s so confusing about persistent, pernicious (and recycled!!!) propaganda … only a vanishingly small fraction of which is titled “the Havana Syndrome”?

  • alex_the_tired
    April 12, 2024 8:10 AM

    I always like those moments when Ted shows he can draw; the cricket is really nicely executed.

    Is it my imagination, or are we getting more and more instances of journalists not journalisting? The Hunter Biden laptop, Havana Syndrome, whatever’s going on inside Joe Biden’s brain. It seems like the media has completely lost the “Lou Grant” aspect of its nature. Does anyone remember on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when Grant delivers a talk on news writing? “Good news writing is getting the facts, getting them fast, and presenting them well.” And that was the whole talk.

  • My guess is Havana Syndrome isn’t being caused by an outside state actor. It’s more likely a DARPA project, or far enough into development that the agencies tasked with “investigating” the phenomenon are the very ones employing it. Google “gangstalking” and “targeted individual”. Sure, you’ll find some stuff that’s hard to believe. You’ll also find a lot of consistency as well, oddly enough, on symptoms similar to Havana Syndrome. I guess it’s getting harder and harder to sweep this under the rug. Maybe this vacillating between crickets and nasty Russians is intentional. Why acknowledge a problem when we can trivialize it instead, and increase apathy?

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