Hating Hatred of Hate

While considering Obama’s request for a Congressional authorization to use military force to attack Syria, Congressional Republicans are forced to choose between their hatred of him as a black man and their desire to blow up Muslims.

8 thoughts on “Hating Hatred of Hate

  1. Great punch line!

    It really is a little bizarre to watch the GOP struggle between hating Obama and liking many of his policies. And then on the other hand, Cap & Trade and Obamacare are Republican ideas. It can’t be said enough.

  2. I think the (exciting) possibility of the induction of “the rapture” (via WWIII), which qualifies as hatred of life itself, will presumably be discussed at some point before the vote count is made.

  3. Now I understand what is meant by «gridlock» – thanks, Ted ! US politics would be diverting, were they not fraught with such danger for the survival of the species….


  4. I have to ask: does it even matter if they vote against the bombing, because they hate Obama for his race? If the end result is good, who cares about the motivation? The opposite is, of course, also true.

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