Hanging on the Flimsiest of Hopes

Joe Biden’s latest approval ratings for president Joe Biden are 33%, which is pretty much a deal killer for a reelection campaign. Two out of three Democrats don’t even want the president to run again. He is changing his hopes on the fact that 92% of Democrats would vote for him over Donald Trump, but of course, 92% of Democrats would vote for a rutabaga over Donald Trump. Besides, who are these 8%?

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  • Run, Joe, run!!! … 81 million deplorables (D-Fantasyland) CAN’T be wrong!!!

    Two more years of mental decline at his current rate and President Dirty Harry will be less coherent than any average, self-respecting rutabaga.

  • alex_the_tired
    August 1, 2022 4:15 AM

    The 8% who wouldn’t vote for Biden against Trump? They’re the small fraction of democrats who have, apparently, regained their sanity. Trump? Biden? You don’t drop your daughter off at Ted Bundy’s so you can go rescue your son from John Wayne Gacy. Biden’s entire time as president has been a disaster. That someone burns your house down by accident rather than deliberately doesn’t really matter: you still end up with no place to live.

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