GOP Attacks the Idea That Black Lives Matter

Republican presidential candidates attacking Black Lives Matter appear not to understand the optics of attacking a group whose message is, you know, that Black Lives Matter. Or maybe they do understand the optics…

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  • Preaching to the choir again Ted. Most of us have become extremely tired of the posturing and simple outright lying going on, whether Repugnican or Dumbokrat. We do get it. “Black Lives Matter” is just another symptom. A symptom of a system that never embraced Democracy and Human Rights in the first place, and still continues to trust in the ignorance of the masses that can still satisfy their basic needs, and the ability of the powers that be to continue their rape of them.

    • alex_the_tired
      September 9, 2015 7:20 AM

      Although I hesitate to invoke “false flag operations” because it is used to explain how Area 51 is kept secret, how the Illuminati are fluoridating the water, etc., I do wonder if BLM is a false flag op designed to alienated the vast middle of the issue.

      The thing that really got the civil rights movement going AS SOMETHING WHITE MIDDLE AMERICA COULD UNDERSTAND were the humanizing pictures. Emmett Till’s mangled body in a casket. Firehoses spraying people walking on a bridge. The barking, snarling dogs.

      The people in BLM seem to be wholly ignorant of the fact that you do not convince people by screaming at them and shouting them down and demanding they agree to everything you say.

      And in other political news, am I the only one, or does Hillary’s “apology” have the distinct smell of a Hail Mary pass? Her campaign is sputtering out, and she’s so desperate to reboot it that she’s now apologizing for something she kept insisting wasn’t wrong.

      • I doubt BLM is a false flag operation. Unfortunately, the tactics you describe seem to be used by all sort of groups nowadays.

        As for Hillary: yeah. She’s desperate for sure. Big time.
        This was the right move, though it should have come within hours of the email scandal breaking.

  • I kinda like “black deaths matter” – it’s pithy & pointed.

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