Good Thing the Nominee Isn’t a Socialist

Earlier this year when Bernie Sanders was in the lead for the Democratic presidential nomination, his centrist opponents said that he would be a bad standardbearer because the Republicans would call him a socialist. Now Joe Biden, anything but a socialist, is being targeted just the same way as though he had been Bernie Sanders.

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  • Now Joe Biden, anything but a socialist, is being targeted just the same way as though he had been Bernie Sanders.

    Unfair, Ted – as his long political career as Senator from DuPont and US vice president fully demonstrates, Joseph Robinette Biden is a firm believer in socialism – for the rich….


  • I’m eagerly awaiting Biden’s “centrist” campaign brain trust to dramatically roll-out the national “If x,y,z … then DON’T vote for me!” media blitz. Maybe the first thing after Labor Day?

    Looks like the GOP developed an early strategy to face its most difficult possible candidate and decided not to waste any time, money or effort to modify it for the actual, most lame one.

  • It’s like it doesn’t matter who the candidate is, after the DNC show about how moderate and compassionate we are, don’t worry, we are not leftists assurances for the very few undecided voters and the conservative Dems and Obama Trumpists.

  • Because Wilmington, Del where many US corporations are incorporated is such a hotbed of Marxism?

  • Fortunately, the establishment media is writing unadulterated hagiography of Biden, along with Google. Every Rabid Trump lie about Biden being corrupt has been irrefutably debunked, according to Google. Biden will order CoViD-19 to leave, and it will be completely gone on 21 Jan. Biden will make sure everyone has the best possible healthcare (you probably didn’t know that the worst thing you can do when you’re sick is to go to hospital, and the second worst is to see a physician outside of hospital). And, of course, Biden has never seen a war he didn’t like. Trump has been a complete failure: he has not expanded democracy to a single country, while all his predecessors expanded it to at least one and often two or more. But Biden will end the brutal, war-mongering dictatorships in Iran, the DPRK, Russia, and the PRC and replace them with democratic, peaceful, and prosperous paradises.
    I’m sure everyone is looking forward to Jan 21!

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