Good Ideas, Lousy Execution

President Biden was right to carry out the full withdrawal from Afghanistan, a war that was doomed from the start. But his execution of the withdrawal was absolutely abysmal, and his performance before the media is becoming downright 25th Amendment worthy.

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  • VP Harris broke into a bizarre cackle when reporters asked about the early stages of the Afghan crisis. And that’s hardly her only nails-on-chalkboard moment.

    In a weird way, all this makes her a priceless asset to President Biden: Anytime talk starts about, say, invoking the 25th Amendment to force Joe to step aside because of his apparent mental woes, people consider the fact that she’d be the one to take over.

    Kamalas’ insincerity, inaptitude, indifference, ignorance and incompetence, is Joe’s job security.

  • Sleepy Joe gets WOKE!!!!

  • alex_the_tired
    August 30, 2021 5:14 PM

    The Cold Equations.
    This isn’t a win for Biden because it hasn’t finished being played out. When Reagan cut and ran from Lebanon after the Marines barrack was exploded, killing 241 Americans, there was no internet, no Twitter. Three networks and about five papers called all the shots. The video was grainy. Reagan survived because he knew exactly how to use the camera. Biden can barely figure out how to use an index card.

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