Good Enough for Goverment Werk

An analysis of intelligence agency website pages found that 32% of the CIA site pages contain serious grammatical and spelling errors. Gives a new meaning to counterintelligence, but it also explains the agency’s accuracy in their covert drone program.

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  • Wow, Ted, you should work also as an editor or proofreader, even! 🙂 Seriously, this last cartoon currently shows easily, which you are, more than definitely, a master of communication, if not this course or discourse. Drone program? Jeez, what’s the problem there? We label or identity people as we want, and then we kill them. Once labelled as such and killed, then we are heroes, or whatever passes as a hero today, eh? 🙂

  • Covert drone program? It seems that too many people know about this here covert drone program for it to be covert. Wouldn’t it have to be somewhat of a secret to be covert? Instead, let’s agree to disagree whether it should be called killing people or murdering people. No one is ever going to held responsible anyways in today’s world… huh, what’s that, Kim K. is showing her what’s that, you’re saying that, what’s that….Got to go, my nurse needs to change my colostomy bag.

  • The spies of old were extraordinary linguists.

    Even the fictional James Bond had the reputation of being a cunning linguist.

  • We can only hope that the NSA and FBI are similarly staffed. If they are good at their jobs, we’re all screwed. Hang on, someone’s knocking at my do…

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