Glam-Mug Shots

One man gets waterboarded. The other elicits laughter. The difference? Good photography!

3 thoughts on “Glam-Mug Shots

  1. It is why some cartoonists get published in the mainstream and others while away on the Internets.

    : )

    (But don’t ask me, cause I live under a rock and have no talent)

  2. But did Faisal ‘New Guy’ look as cute when he was parking his illegally-purchased, bomb-laden vehicle and running away (no suicide bomber hee-eeer!)? How many Ameican women will now send marriage proposals to the imprisoned Faisal ‘New Guy?’ Isn’t this the norm in the USA? Bonehead, criminal psychopath mass-murderer gets sent away to prison and he gets more proposals than the most popular college BMOC/first-string quarterback.
    Faisal, Honey. Leave that wife of yours and marry me. I’M the woman who will make you happy for all time. I will gladly convert to your religion and cover myself up, head to toe. I have a law degree and a psycholoogy degree and I make big bucks. I’ll get you off in more ways than one. Please say YES!”

  3. been looking for a quote, maybe the gers can help me out: “The primary role of government is to provide for the safety and collective security of the citizens, by which they are legally granted the opportunity to govern.” (or something like that, paraphrased)

    often attributed to thomas jefferson, pretty much the only role our government is authorized and approved to perform.

    any suggestions? have not been able to find despite thorough googling. thanks for replies to: vkngprnce at yahoo

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