Get the Facts

Sarah had a common problem: U.S. occupation.

8 thoughts on “Get the Facts

  1. @patron002: if US troops are actually invited and wanted somewhere that is something different. It is not really an occupation if you are invited.

    As for South Korea specifically, that is actually a mixed bag. Some of the more hawkish South Koreans that are actually endorsed by the western media do want the US troops there. However many South Koreans do not want US troops in their country at all. I personally don’t know which sentiment actually predominates there, but looking at non-western media one gets the sense that the US troops are not as welcomed in South Korea as US citizens are lead to believe.

  2. @Patron002 South Korea fits the standard definition of a Protectorate. Nominally independent but under the military protection(complete control of Korean forces in time of war). So it doesnt matter what they think because South and North wouldnt exist if it were not for the USSR and USA fucking their whole country.

    As to the cartoon…Wow Ted…can’t say i disagree with the sentiment but woooo what a doosy

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