Get In

They tell us to get out. Time to get in.

11 thoughts on “Get In

  1. I like how the name plate in the cardboard box shows “ALL” as in “TED RALL”?

    And as for being arrested. Yeah, probably that brick will earn him a trip to jail. Sometimes, there are no winning moves to make. The whole point of government is to prevent that from occurring. At least, that used to be the point of the exercise.

  2. Check out this video.

    THAT is how you do things, people. The silence is effective on two levels:

    1. It is, genuinely, unsettling to see a crowd that large not making a single sound.
    2. It demonstrates seriousness in a way that isn’t possible in a carnival setting like Z Park. There’s pretty much no way to mock it or distort it.

    I wonder how long it will be before the chancellor resigns in order to spend more time with her family…

  3. This is an interesting cartoon. It shows something that most people don’t understand. Namely, you don’t live in reality, you live in a super-reality. A system. You are actually blocked from survival by this super-reality if you don’t fit it, something no other species has to contend with. Yet people normally mope and whine about their circumstances, hope for sympathy, hope for a handout. The last frame is what their mindset SHOULD be. You have a right to survival, and you don’t ASK for that right – you CLAIM it. By force if necessary.

    Of course this is all lost on OWS. They’re to busy asking for debt relief and so forth. They’re too busy getting maced in the face and then hoping for sympathy and understanding. They’re too busy engaging in silent protest. Somehow they’ve convinced themselves that this strategy is actually working. It’s really sad in a way, they can even break through the mental chains to see what this cartoon makes clear.

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