Generation Hexed

Throughout most of their working years, Generation Xers were excluded from jobs and passed over for promotions because they were too young for their Baby Boomer gatekeepers and employers. Suddenly Millennials are in charge, and now the Generation Xers are being treated like old codgers.

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  • POV is everything – I’m a boomer & have been treated as an old codger by X’ers for quite some time. I’ve either lost my job or been beat out for a new job to someone younger (“less experienced”) on more than one occasion.

    … and at some point, the Millennials will say the same thing about the Millennial+1 generation. “No Fair! They’re treating us just like we treated those worthless old codgers …”

  • Born in 65. What the hell am I? (other than 50??)

    • “obsolete”


      Couldn’t resist the temptation – if you’re obsolete, I’m obsoleter.

      • And I’m ancient! πŸ˜€

      • @derlehrer –

        Didn’t you hate it when the old codgers used to say, “You’ll understand when you get to be my age … ” ?

        Yeah, me too.

        Do you do it now that you’re that age?

        Yeah, me too.

        So, my response to this cartoon could have been, “Well, Ted, when you get to be my age … ”


  • This brings to mind the experience of a friend of mine, Jerry Mayfield, who is a talented Country & Western singer (with whom I’ve had the pleasure of singing). He has a voice like Marty Robbins. He went to Nashville to try to get a recording contract. He was told: “Come back when you’re younger.” Sad.

    He wrote a song, “Goodbye Nashville, Hello Mexico.” (Or maybe it was “To Hell With Nashville, Hello Mexico.”)

    He has regular gigs in Ajijic and Chapala, Thank goodness. πŸ™‚

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