Gays! And in such a Hetero Environment!

Top NFL draft pick Michael Sam came out as gay, prompting a welcome from the league but also old-fashioned concerns by football players and fans about the possibility that the totally-not-homoerotic locker rooms of the totally-not-gay profession of football might become an uncomfortable place…a hostile work environment for straight men. One asked: how should I react if a gay dude looks at me? Here’s how.

6 thoughts on “Gays! And in such a Hetero Environment!

  1. Even if it were not homoerotic, these sentiments are odd. I suppose they just felt like if they don’t know anyone was gay, they didn’t have to think about it as if there were no gays in the first place. Gays have always been there, seeing you naked. Get over it.

  2. «Women don’t know what it’s like – being sexually objectified !» Christ, Mary and all the saints, Ted – I came close to spilling tea all over my keyboard when I read that one ! You almost got a bill in the mail ! More, more !…


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