Flat Broke? Try the Hillary Clinton Way!

Hillary Clinton says she and her husband Bill were “flat broke” when they left the White House in 2001. But not everyone who is “flat broke” has a friend willing to lend them $1.2 million (Terry MacAuliffe) to buy a house. Then she claimed Americans don’t resent the $100,000,000 she and Bill earned through “the dint of hard work.” What hard work? Is Hill the new Mitt?

11 thoughts on “Flat Broke? Try the Hillary Clinton Way!

  1. Hillary, Bill Dubya, Dubya Daddy, BARRYHO … this is how it is with every opulently kept, political slave that global corporatism owns, ALL AROUND THE GLOBE.

    Now to be introduced: the new(est) definition of “DEMOCRACY:”

    A tiger, a lion, a bear, and a three-legged tom cat are all either fighting over or trying to pilfer the eviscerated intestinal remains of a genocidally slaughtered global untermensch population … Administrative America’s hoi-polloi is the three-legged tom cat. How long before you think it will be before the lion, tiger, and bear decide to rip apart the tom cat even as the Earths food supply continues to dwindle?


  2. Ted,

    When you’re on the money, I say so. When you aren’t, I also say so. And this time, you missed. And badly.

    Absolutely Hill and Bill earned their money the hard way.

    Seriously. Go back, reread that line. But this time, do it in a Mae West voice.

  3. Good one, Ted.

    No one has an excuse for their poverty in this country.

    If you’re poor, you’re just lazy.

    Hilliary didn’t let be flat broke get her down. She just went out an EARNED great sums of money.

    Yeah, if you’re poor, you’re just lazy.

    (Some people talk this way all the time. Their verbal motor has a sarcasm generator they can’t shut off.)

    • And if you don’t have a job, it’s because you don’t want to work and won’t get off your duff to find one of those jobs that are out there! 🙁

      • ==-
        Okay, two things:

        THING ONE:
        Ted, progressives like you are why the re: pig lickin’ party won in 2000 and 2004. Sure, Nader would be the PERFECT president. He’d make the country healthy (by forcing a new single-payer law down repuglycan throats), wealthy (by taxing the rich), and wise (by funding genuine education).

        But nooo! You (and other progressives) had to make a “statement.”

        Well, unless the statement is “I want the rich to destroy America,” you should be ashamed of yourself.

        Yes, Obama is a spineless, naive house ni gger for the repuglicans. When negotiating Obamacare, he could have gotten single payer in exchange for renewing the “rich people don’t have to pay income tax” law. Instead, he killed single payer just to show them what a nice guy he is. He figured they’d see the error of their ways and join hands with him around The Table of Brotherhood and, together, forge a new tomorrow for all the Children of the Earth.

        When tax cuts came up for renewal, they blackmailed him into signing it by threatening to end unemployment benefits for the millions of people they put out of work.

        I’m so Liberal that I’m probably a communist, but I voted for the son of a bitch in ’12 because if I hadn’t, we’d be under the rule of a billionaire who made his money by buying undervalued companies, firing everyone, and selling the furniture to someone else.

        THING TWO:
        > “if you don’t have a job, it’s because you don’t want to work”

        Bullshit. I did want to work, and I worked damn hard at being an IT manager, a systems programmer, and a nuc engineer. I even won several awards.

        Each time, I was shot from the sky because everyone in the so-called “real” (post-college) world is either retarded or evil (but strangely, never both).

        When I finally got tired of wiping stupid-people spit off my face, I saw THIS: http://tinyurl.com/whyfayequit

        That’s right, I’m unemployed because I wised up, walked out, and slacked off—naked in a cave in the woods. Yes really: http://tinyurl.com/kanecave

        The HELL with working really hard to make rich old white men richer. If you want to “send a message” to the repiglicans, do it by not working for them. BUT VOTE DEMOCRAT. The time for progressives to fight is during nomination.


      • Faye, you should tune your sarcasm meter. And I guess it’s my bad- you did say “naked in a cave”- but my day was NOT improved by seeing a closeup of your genitalia.

      • Faye Kane – Can you come to Mexico and strut your stuff for the cartels? I know they’d love to give you all the satisfaction you’re looking for!

      • Way to go Faye Kane ! Now that’s what I call «épater le bourgeoisie» !… 😉


  4. I’m not a particular fan of old Harry S Truman, whom I consider responsible for the so-called «Cold War» (which got pretty hot in places, mainly those inhabited by people with skins in shades of brown), but at least, unlike the majority of his successors, he didn’t attempt to exploit the office of US president for his personal gain (http://www.snopes.com/quotes/truman/truman.asp). Old-fashioned, I guess….


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