Five Wrongs Make a Right

Voter ID laws passed by dozens of states prevent Americans from choosing from two parties, neither of whom care about their concerns. At a certain point, you have to wonder: do multiple wrongs make a right?

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  • The word “racket” comes from the distraction presented to a crowd so pickpockets could work undetected.

    That makes US elections rackets in more than one sense of the word.

  • Two thoughts:

    1. You should update the “About Ted” blurb. It says your “next” book is the one you’re doing signing tours for. Perhaps “most recent”?

    2. The problem is that not enough people understand how to manipulate/destroy things METHODICALLY. I could end the “drug war” tomorrow. How? All it would take is EVERYONE who gets arrested on a drug charge to demand a jury trial. The backlog would break the system.

    • *I could end the “drug war” tomorrow. How?*
      Shoot, I was expecting something like: “Declare MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and withdraw all the troops after making everything legally accessible.

  • It’s not illegal to vote against the system – the repuglickins been doing it for years … </CheapShot>

  • FWIW: the lesser evil party is trying hard to narrow the evil gap, e.g.:

  • Ain’t «democracy» grand, Ted ?… 😉


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