First They Came for the Dirty Hipsters

President Trump deployed paramilitary goon squads to Portland and other American cities in order to harass peaceful protesters. Fascism has officially arrived in the United States. But reaction from Joe Biden and ordinary Americans remain muted.

4 thoughts on “First They Came for the Dirty Hipsters

  1. Perhaps because, despite differences in sytle, when it comes to policy Donald John Trump and Joseph Robinette Biden are Tweedledum and Tweedledie ?…


  2. We’re blaming the symptom, not the disease. Pig are gonna pig. At least as far back as Reagan, it was called “preventive detention.” During President Cheney’s time, we had “freedom zones.” And I don’t recall there being ANY significant resistance to any of it. When this all blows over (Oh, hey, did everyone read Monica Lewinsky’s great Internet joke about blow? Yeah, thank heavens the Internet distracts so many so much) you know what won’t be done? No one will organize a demand that the unnamed goons be named, indicted, removed by dishonorable discharge, and barred from ever holding any sort of security position for life.
    And the disappearings will continue.

  3. True suburban values on display. Sans the wall picture. Trump will gin them up late summer by sending in the troops. Watching TV, they scare easy. Fear for losing the good life. The suburbanite discretely will join the buffoonish rustic by voting Trump. No one can tell you what to do once you’re in the voting booth.

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