Finally, a War Even Progressives Could Get Behind

The United States is forever starting endless wars against adversaries who pose no danger to us. Now the president of Brazil is threatening the global climate by encouraging massive fires in the Amazon. Here, finally, is a war progressives could get behind…but it will never happen.

8 thoughts on “Finally, a War Even Progressives Could Get Behind

  1. No war would be necessary, just a firm “basta” from US jumbos since US “fingerprints” are all over the impeachment of Rousseff & imprisonment of her predecessor Lula da Silva that paved the way for the presidency of hand-picked, fascist puppet Bolsonaro – the political equivalent of the other nothing-burger appointed by the US as “president” of Venezuela. (Together these two can only register “% recognition” among domestic voters in single digits.)

    Note re frame #2 in comic above: said puppet is only the beneficiary of the impeachment of Rousseff 1) having had nothing to do with it & 2) as supreme dolt, can probably not even spell “impeachment” nor the Portuguese equivalent.

    • There is a series on consortiumnews dot com by Pepe Escobar that summarizes Brazilian recent political history.

      On the 30Aug video Escobar is the second segment.

      This issues he discusses in the video have been followed up by articles at the site dated 1, 2 and 7 September. (Perhaps more are on the way.)

  2. We are about to invade the world’s most dangerous rogue state, which is trying to kill theworld.

    Ted, you scared me with that first frame ; for a moment there I thoought dear Mr Trump was about to invade the US….


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