Finally a Deterrent

The state of Oklahoma shocked the nation with the latest in a string of botched executions. Using an experimental cocktail of drugs to carry out the killing, state workers missed the victim’s vein, leading to a massive heart attack after 43 minutes of agonizing pain.

9 thoughts on “Finally a Deterrent

  1. If it was a deterrent, Texas would have the lowest murder rate in the country – instead it is consistently above average. Neither is it a punishment, once you’re dead you don’t know you’re being punished. Nor does it do any good for the victim, he’s still dead.

    So what is it? State sponsored vengeance?

    • To the extent that innocent people are subjected to botched executions due to the botched judicial system, and legislators have their legitimacy only in the money the Master Class feeds their election campaigns, this is State Terrorism.

  2. Don’t know if it counts as terrorism. Terrorism is usually activity that pushed for change. Something done to force the State to yield to demands by a group in a position of little power. State executions seem more like a reinforcement of the status quo.

    • Of course this doesn’t count as terrorism.
      Ask any conservative.

      When the State commits atrocities they are simply known to be “business as usual” in the interest of conservation of order.

      The world has been dominated by the Empire of Rhetoric for thousands of years. Brutality is always transmuted into virtue by those who control language.

  3. Just an FYI … the criminal in this case killed a high school girl by beating her with a shotgun, shooting her, then burying her alive, laughing while she begged for her life. I hope this adds some useful context.

    • The professionals of the state have shown they will not be outdone in the use of brutality by any amateur.

      Like the Great Executor once said before the slaughter of thousands, “Bring ’em on.”

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