Fascism Is so Much Simpler Than Democracy

In 1933 the German parliament passed a law that turned itself into a rubberstamp in favor of Adolf Hitler. In 2020 the Republican Party decided not to issue a platform. Instead, they turned themselves into a rubberstamp in favor of Donald Trump.

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  • Last time as tragedy, this time as farce.

  • As best I can recall, about six weeks after Adolph Schickelgrüber took office, the Parliament burned down. So I guess the Capitol burned down six weeks after Trump took office, but for some reason, I never heard about it.
    (Rasmussen, a rabidly Republican-leaning pollster says Trump is ahead now; 538 says Trump has about a 28% chance, better than 2016 when they gave him a 25% chance. Given that Biden has never met a war he didn’t passionately love, I fear I cannot vote for him. Of course, Trump has seen all the wars he inherited expanded and intensified, but at least no new shooting wars, just trade wars. But he’s mangled so much, I can’t vote for him, either.)

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