False Equivalence

The American media’s coverage of the current fighting between Israel and the Hamas government of Gaza is a case study in false equivalence. More than 200 Palestinians have died; only one Israeli. Yet they are portrayed as intractable, equivalent foes.

7 thoughts on “False Equivalence

  1. Don’t forget the Mosul Christians. They were there from the beginning of Christianity. And now they’re gone. The entire community was forced out this weekend by ISIS. An extinction that Hill and Dubya and all the others who cheered us into this war should be given credit for. I wonder what Hillary will say about it, if anyone actually bothers to ask her during the PR tour that her campaign will be.

    I wonder if the Pope could take them all in. He’s got a big house. …

  2. Palestine is certainly “not even a country” and it never will be as international “law” precludes sovereign countries being able to commit terrorism – regardless of what they physically do.

  3. The middle east has a lot of things to sort out and we really should just let them sort it out without thinking we, and the way we frame or see the rest of the world, is the most important thing ever

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