Eu Tu, Malia?

Polls show that Obama is losing support with the liberal/progressive base of the Democratic Party.

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  • John From Censornati
    September 26, 2011 12:57 PM

    Times are tough.

  • I just wish the Democrats would primary him with a dead turnip covered in dog do. I’d vote for it.

  • Ted just wants to feel good about voting for Rick Perry when the time comes. This is so passe mainstream media mongering…..Obama isn’t actually losing support, per se, I think the country is descending into despair. . . . it is not as though Americans are impressed with the Repugs.

  • Let me cut to the quick of it:

    The reason I — and many others — are disgusted with Obama is this: He knows how to be better than he has been. Bush and Reagan and the rest of the neo-cons, I accept that they simply cannot understand nuance or weighing sides in an argument. Many of them have been conditioned by End Times Millennialism for so long (Reagan did at least one interview about how we’re in the End Times, back around 1980 I think) that they simply cannot think in the traditional sense.

    But Obama? I honestly thought that he had the capicity to reflect on his own actions as originating with him, and not as part of some divine plan started 6,000 years ago when the whole universe was made.

    Obama didn’t close Gitmo. Right there, that one thing, ought to trigger every decent person’s gag reflex in perpetuity. Is there anything more purely unAmerican than putting people in cages without a trial? Put aside all the cynicism and just answer the question. Is there anything more unAmerican than doing that? It violates at least half of the Bill of Rights.

    And we’re still in Iraq and Afghanistan, and it looks like we’re lining up Pakistan for just before the elections. That, too, is disgusting, but I can almost excuse it because you can’t just wind down a war like a rental agreement. I’m willing to bet that Obama’s advisers have told him what no one wants to admit: The second we leave, the second we demobilize all those troops and send them home, that’s when the maniacs will come out of the woodwork. You think occupation is expensive? Try returning to occupy again.

    In fact, the only fault I have with Rall’s cartoon is the notion that it would be disappointing to Obama to see his daughter working at Republican HQ. Obama’s practically a Republican already. And the notion that Obama’s children will ever, ever have to work for a living is risible in the extreme.

  • Why would anyone be disgusted with Obama, when he’s done the best he could and damn close to the best that could be done.

    The anger over Gitmo is entirely misguided. The Republicans (and a small handful of turncoat Democrats) are the ones keeping Gitmo open, and the fact that the left is still angry at Obama over it is just one more signal to politicians that the left is unrealistic and uninterested in keeping them in office, and therefore they should be ignored.

  • Oh, and the last poll I saw had Obama’s approval in the mid-80’s among Democrats overall. The far fringe left is NOT the base, no matter how they like to make themselves feel important by pretending that they are (even though they’ve driven themselves into irrelevance over the last 30 years).

  • Et tu, Malia?

    There, fixed that for you. HTH, hand.

  • for the record, (if only the record of ted rall’s readers, sincere and troll alike), obama’s services were bought and paid for, before he ever accepted the nomination. he Is the republican candidate; you can do more damage and steal more with a trojan horse, than an adversary you can see coming. first african american president, peace prize, done. (oh, and lots of money from his neo-con friends for selling out Everyone). that’s what he takes away. nice.

    i repeat, he Is the republican candidate.

    hey ted, is it fun to have trolls assigned to monitor your blog? kind of an ego boost, perhaps? like the old time banditos that got a lift out of a higher bounty on their wanted posters?

    just wonderin’.

    peace up, dude!

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