We Need a Wall to Protect the Troops We Need Because There’s Not a Wall

Talk about circular reasoning!

President Trump says he needs to build his border wall in order to protect the thousands of troops he stationed there because there wasn’t a wall. What?

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  • Oh poor, beleaguered, delicate flower of Empire!!! Your apparent mission
    is to destroy societies across the globe (your own hardly being immune!)
    but you ingloriously piss your imperial undies when refugees escaping your
    atrocities end up at your doorstep.

    The stinking, miserable “dirty, filthy, Berkenstock-wearing hippies” had it
    right >50 years ago.

    To emphatically close the hyper-authoritarian McCarthy era, they reintroduced to the resistance American populace, the notion of political right and OBLIGATION to dissent from destructive government policies.

    “You got an ego problem, man,” they said.

    The philosopher Alan Watts had a lot to say about ego.
    The society of the US is best seen as sodden with the ego that Watts
    describes as a terminally fallacious construct of mind*** that
    has us convinced that we operate in the world separate from it,
    that is WITHOUT effect on it.

    If the US were ONLY to destroy societies, with direct and indirect war,
    without simultaneously, loudly and obnoxiously proclaiming its
    exceptionality, then, maybe a wall could be rationalized under
    “a country needs borders” rubric.

    The US, having done BOTH for decades, has a monumental ego
    problem to think 1) no refugees should be interested in the US and
    2) a fucking wall is going to stop the flow. (A flow, by the way
    that has been subsiding, declared “emergencies” aside, for
    quite some time now.)

    “You got an ego problem, cosmically fraudulent empire!”
    *** certainly “the capitalist mind”

    (Sorry I don’t have the time to mess with the very strange formatting issues.)

  • The wall is such an emergency that Trump could wait the necessary two years for Republican control of the congress to lapse.

    Obama did the same thing with his Democratic Party congressional control on other issues such as closing Guantanamo and the single payer health care option in his first two years.

    It seems that neither party wants to take full responsibility for passing a law when they have full control of the outcome.

    No, what is more important is the maintenance and creation of a divide between factions of the electorate.

    More fake government with more fake divisive issues hides from the rabble’s view the collusion of both parties with their 1% owners.

    The D-mob and the R-mob each hold lies as their own “truth-of-the-mob”: the D-mob makes evidence free claims on the conspiracy theory that Trump was installed into the presidency by Putin, and the R-mob makes evidence free claims of some problem that will be solved by a wall.

    So about 45% of the faith-based (because no evidence) party suckers remain almost equally divided between the D-mob and the R-mob while the majority of the electorate finds no reason to support the lies of either party and stays home during elections.

  • Aristoteles is no doubt looking on these arguments with amazement and wonder – who needs syllogisms when lines of reasoning like those portrayed above prevail ?… 😉


  • I’ll say this: it is interesting watching the wheels come off.

    The checks & balances aren’t checking and balancing. The machine is out of balance, oscillating, shaking, and every vibration makes it even more off balance.

    Regardless of whether Trump gets his wall, the machine’s seriously broken. Might as well enjoy the show while it lasts.

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