Drone Spam

U.S. researchers took up the Department of Homeland Security on its $1000 dare to try to hack into a military drone plane–€”and succeeded. What happens if Russian hackers get into one?

4 thoughts on “Drone Spam

  1. It is shockingly easy to hack into anything. Doing so undetected, and without a trace of who you are is much more difficult. If the goal is overt it is simple, if it is covert, it is a very difficult task.

  2. Russel, I don’t know if you noticed the final paragraph in that BBC article to which you provided a link :

    «But the big worry is – it also means that it wouldn’t be too hard for [a very skilled person] to work out how to un-encrypt military drones and spoof them, and that could be extremely dangerous because they could turn them on the wrong people.»

    I say not to worry ; the US military itself is doing a bang-up job (pardon the pun !) of turning military drones «on the wrong people». It scarcely requires outside aid….


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