Drone Our Troops

U.S. soldiers are now allowed to wear turbans, beards and skullcaps for religious readers. Talk about confusion! Other soldiers won’t know whether to support their comrades or shoot them.

3 thoughts on “Drone Our Troops

  1. Aw c’mon Ted, I have assurance from Pres Obama and numerous uniformed (and therefore reliable) spokespersons that the drone program is very closely controlled and accurate. They would never allow innocent parties like children or old ladies, much less our beloved and glorious troops,to be blown to bits.

  2. Every turban, skullcap, and beard in the US military will no doubt soon be equipped with an enhanced RFID tag with suffiicent range to inform patrolling drones – and other troops – that the owner is one of «our boys». It’ll work great until, inevitably, the tag gets hacked and copied and every turban, skullcap, and beard in the world comes outfitted with one. Back to the drawing board !…


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