Drone Court

After the confirmation hearing for John Brennan as CIA Director elicited discomfort among media and Congressional elites about targeted assassinations of US citizens, some suggested the creation of a “drone court” similar to the rubberstamp FISA court, in order to issue pseudo-judicial death warrants for victims placed on the president’s “kill list.”

2 thoughts on “Drone Court

  1. But Ted, wouldn’t introducing a court into the picture make everything just perfect ? After all, the people about to be bombed would no doubt be informed of the charges against them and their right to be represented by counsel, and their guilt – and punishment – determined only after a proper legal process. Moreover, there exists a precedent for courts of this type, i e, the Star Chamber which English monarchs employed to rid themselves of prominent political enemies. How fitting, then, that such measures also be used in the USA’s serial monarchy….


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