Down by Law

They always say America is a litigious society. But when you find you need a lawyer to help clear your name, it isn’t always that easy to find the right lawyer to fight for your case.

9 thoughts on “Down by Law

  1. Why ask us? You already know the answer. If it’s an obviously easy case or one that is easily settled for a little bit of money, you’d have ambulance chasers crawling all over you. The Times has already covered its ass – they fired someone who probably didn’t really care, and probably continues on with his influence, and now there’s no one who knows where the tape came from or who is actually responsible for it – plus, after repeated listening of the “enhanced” tape, several people can’t seem to hear everything you claim is on the “enhanced” tape – and “enhanced” is a problem in itself. At this point, the tape is seen as a lame excuse for what they wanted to do anyway – which was to discard someone who was causing friction with the LAPD.

  2. Ted, I don’t know if this ‘toon is based on actual talks with an attorney, but if you want to clear your name, you’ve got to seek justice in court. Los Angeles Times ruined your reputation, and you’ve got to take it back. The only way you’ll get them to produce the original recording and prove it was doctored is to sue the bastards. Yes, it will be a tough road, but it’s the only way out. Find an attorney who is as outraged about what happened to you as the rest of us, and FIGHT!

    • Here’s a thought, Ted – often in a lawsuit of this type the plaintiff can recover costs. You might offer to pay donors back when you win.

      Up to you, of course – and for the record I wouldn’t ask for any back for myself. It just might encourage stingy types to loosen their purse strings.

      • I know it was in jest, but will not accept funds on behalf of accused criminals. (Remember those bakers — or was it florists — who violated the rights of gays and tried to get money from crowdfunding because they had to close their business? The site shut down their account.)
        Like I said, I know you were joking and drawing attention to police violations that go unpunished.

      • I know the bad cops got crowdsourced defense funds, thought it was GoFundMe. Might have been indiegogo.

        A joke in poor taste, agreed, but hey, it’s how I roll.

      • It probably was something other than

        Originally the campaign was titled “Ted Rall’s Legal Aid Fund,” and it was snagged immediately for review for possible violation of terms & conditions. Then it was changed to “Ted Rall’s Assistance Fund” and passed their screening.


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