Don’t Let Something Be the Enemy of Nothing

Defenders of President Biden keep pointing out that he’s doing the best he can, or that progressives need to be willing to compromise. But there’s a big difference between compromise and nothing at all.

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  • The founding principle of the B.H. Obumma Night-School of High-Level Negotiation once again rears its logic-free head, i.e. the one that brought you warmed-over Romney care and RTP©***-gate.
    *** Rootin’ Tootin’ Putin

  • alex_the_tired
    April 3, 2021 4:26 PM

    I find myself wondering … who exactly started this whole “Good enough is” school of political “achievement”? If my memory is holding up, it was Bill Clinton, thus, it is a creation of third-way centrism servicing the needs of neoliberalism. Reagan was also a creature of the neoliberals, but, again, as memory serves, his shtick was very much one devoid of the deception of the faked apology contained within the democratic party for the past 30-odd years.
    Since Reagan, it’s been 32 years, split 16/16 between the two parties. Who do you think has actually gotten the most done? I’d say the Republicans. Across every possible metric. Perhaps it’s time for the dems to admit defeat and go away?

    • Alex, yes, I think Bill Clinton was first although technically he may have just been transitional. After all, he did try to reform healthcare when he first got in. Dick Morris convinced him to focus on microscopic wedge issues like flag burning. When Al Gore ran into thousand, he didn’t even suggest the possibility of any kind of major reform, much less an anti-poverty bill. And that’s where we have been ever cents.

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