DNC to Joe Biden: Don’t Worry, The Fix is In. Where Have We Heard This Before?

The Democratic Party establishment has assured former Vice President Joe Biden that they can deliver the nomination to him in order to deny progressives a place inside the party. They did the same thing last time; how did that work out for them?

9 thoughts on “DNC to Joe Biden: Don’t Worry, The Fix is In. Where Have We Heard This Before?

  1. Love that pearl necklace, Ted ! Looks very much like four more years of Mr Trump….


    PS : Looks like the lady is playing all touchy-feely with Joseph Robinette. Isn’t it supposed to be the other way ’round ?…

    • And inspire the DCCC to throw a wrench in the works of the progressives.

      “JACQUELINE LUQMAN Hi. I’m Jacqueline Luqman with The Real News Network. In March, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, otherwise known as the DCCC, announced that it would blacklist any consulting firms that support progressive candidates who are running against incumbent House Democrats. Basically, cutting them off from funding.”


      • I definitely like that parts about it backfiring; most especially about building new infrastructure and finding alternatives for funding.

        It’s hard to win the game when you’re not only playing on someone else’s turf, but they own the bats, balls, gloves, stadiums, and umpires.

        Maybe in a few years, the last remaining Ds and Rs will be begging to get into the all-important Tea Party vs Socialist debates.

  2. Joe feels like Plan B while they are looking for Plan A. Except for incumbents, the Democrats do not win with presidential candidates that are over 60 years old. The last time that they did it was before the civil war.

    • «The last time that they did it was before the civil war.» Perhaps they are hoping to repeat the accomplishment while preparing for US Civil War 2.0 ?… 😉


  3. What I find most interesting about this is how linear the whole thing is; that is, every option leads to only one other option. Try to jam your foot into the logic-slipper.

    The dems are running Biden. Okay, not only did Chevy not make a 357 in ’55, but Biden won’t be able to get a majority of nomination votes. So it’ll go to the superdelegates. The superdelegates will poison the whole thing. The Sanders people will not come out in force for Oatmeal Joe, and Trump will get four more years in office.

    It all follows, one thing right after another. And that “coveted” Obama recommendation? I’m sorry. I know. I know. He was the first black president of the U.S., and that means he cannot be criticized because he was perfect. But he wasn’t. He was a truly flawed candidate who did some very bad things (kept Gitmo open, went after whistleblowers, didn’t drink the water in Flint, bailed out the banks, etc.) and although some people will still keep believing that Obama was great, I think throwing his support behind Biden will be seen by quite a few people as one more hypocrisy.

    Biden means failure in the general. I only hope that enough people have connected the dots and that Sanders pulls off a miracle and gets enough delegates to nullify the superdelegates.

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